Why Choose a White Wedding Dress for Your Wedding

Nothing is more classic than a white wedding dress! Pure and spotless white wedding dresses hold special value for several cultures. But did you realize that most wedding dresses today aren’t white? From ivories to creams, champagnes, and off-whites, white wedding dress styles are available in various colors and tones to suit everyone. We’ll explain what it means to wear white and how to choose your ideal undertone and silhouette so you can find your dream white wedding dress!

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions a bride-to-be will face. The color of the wedding gown is just as important as its appearance and design. This cultural shift toward white wedding dresses was not limited to the Western world. Women from different nations have come to accept the white wedding appearance. Many brides choose to wear two wedding dresses: their culture’s traditional wedding gown and an ordinary white wedding dress.

white wedding dress

The History Of White Wedding Dresses

The phrase originates from the white wedding dress worn by Anne of Brittany during her 1499 marriage to Louis XII of France. In 1840, Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress to her wedding to Prince Albert, making the white garment fashionable among the Victorian aristocracy. The word currently includes the complete Western wedding practice, particularly in the Christian religious tradition. This typically involves a church service to start the marriage, followed by a celebration. In 1981, 750 million people watched Diana Spencer’s wedding to Charles, Prince of Wales, where she wore a lovely white taffeta dress with an 8-meter train. This marked a big boost to the white wedding style.


Another advantage of wearing a white wedding dress on your special day is that it is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. If you choose a timeless design, you may be confident that your wedding images will be as lovely in 20 years as they are now. A white dress’s simplicity and elegance may compliment any wedding style, from a modest beach wedding to a formal church wedding.


There are many reasons why a bride may choose to wear a white wedding dress. For starters, white can be regarded as a symbol of purity and innocence, making it a popular choice for brides who want to portray a feeling of tradition during their wedding. In addition, white is a versatile color that can be matched with almost any accent color, allowing brides to personalize their appearance without fear of clashing on their big day.


Colors that suit different skin tones and body types. You can select a unique dress that suits your skin tone and highlights your greatest features. Finally, the most crucial element is for the bride to be comfortable and confident in her clothing. Whether she chooses to wear white or not, the outfit should reflect her particular style and preferences.

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Finally, a colored wedding dress can make a strong statement and leave an impression on your guests. It can also serve as a unique and unforgettable backdrop for your wedding photos, providing a great opportunity to capture stunning wedding photos that will last for many years to come.


Accessories are the most effective approach to enhancing the appearance of your white wedding dress. From belts to veils, jewelry, and shoes, choosing the right accessories may completely transform the look of your dress. Classic accessories, such as delicate pearl earrings and a lovely veil, will help you appreciate the timeless beauty of a white wedding dress. Pearls are the ideal bridal jewelry for white dresses. The glossy shine, which is admired for its beauty, will enhance your bridal radiance. Wedding pearls represented purity, loyalty, and innocence in ancient Rome, making them the ideal jewelry to pair with white clothes! For a stunning monochromatic appearance, pair it with white shoes and perhaps a white opera glove.

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white wedding dress

Most Common Shades of White

Natural White

This shade of white is the whitest available for natural fibers compared to synthetics, similar to stark white. This color, sometimes known as “diamond white” or “silk white,” looks great on all complexion tones, especially those with yellow undertones. In photographs, it will appear almost completely white.


Depending on the undertone, ivory clothing can appear creamy (if it has yellow undertones) or a more delicate white. Ivory is commonly referred to as eggshell, however, some people confuse it with candlelight. If you have a fair skin tone with pink undertones, ivories with yellow undertones will give you a beautiful glow and warmth. Creamier ivories are ideal for medium complexions with blue or pink undertones, as the strong yellow undertone prevents them from seeming overly flushed.

Stark White

This pure, crisp, and dazzling white complements dark skin perfectly. Its snow-white color is obtained by combining polyester, taffeta, and satin. It is not suggested for women with fair skin, as it may wash them out.


Under candlelight, it appears white. It’s a somewhat deeper ivory with cream-beige undertones that look great on practically every skin tone. It provides a gorgeous depth to dark-skinned brides (but not so much to those with olive undertones).


It falls in between white and dark ivory, making it ideal for brides looking for a less traditional color with depth.


This product appears virtually white in images but contains gold and pink undertones, making it excellent for ladies with a dark complexion or olive (or sallow) skin. It adds richness and balances everything, giving you a dewy, fresh look. Champagne white, often known as rum white, pairs well with olive skins.

white wedding dress


You now know that white wedding dresses are as unique as the brides who wear them! There is no single color, style, or meaning that defines a white wedding dress. This timeless style is synonymous with elegance and provides the ideal canvas for experimenting with accessories, ranging from matching monochromes to splashes of color. Whether you choose an ivory sheath or a true white ball dress, a white wedding dress is a stunning symbol of your bridal status.

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